Hey everyone, I will soon be deleting this blog as I feel so much of me has changed since I started it that it would be best if I just start new. I’ll still most a lot of the same stuff, but I’ll also be posting some more personal stuff too. If you guys still wanna follow me that would be awesome! You can find me at honeyandchai.tumblr.com


Feathers 2 (by anavictoriana)
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Follow the talented, beautiful lady who drew this.
also, click the photo for her website.
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Colton…Colton, stop. You’re making me cry.
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1999 plays
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If you haven’t seen the documentary “A Woman Amoung Wolves”, I HIGHLY recommend that you see it. It’s such an amazing and inspiring story about a field biologist who spends weeks alone on an island off the coast of BC looking for the rare coast wolves. I’ve seen it like 4 times now and still get excited every time it comes on! If I could do anything at all with my life, it would be this.


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Opaque  by  andbamnan